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The Church has never separated its Truth from its life. Every single phase of ecclesiastic life, whether administration, art, philanthropy or monastic living, is a live manifestation of the overall Truth; they each reveal the Truth of the overall Church. The actual structures or forms of expression of ecclesiastic life arose from the "function" of Eucharist assemblies and the implementation of this Truth by the faithful congregation. They were established as potential means of revealing this Truth, and not intended to serve any organizational expediencies.

The sole necessity that prompted structures or institutions, texts, dogmas and regulations within the Church, was the esoteric need to manifest the Church as the body of Christ and to unite man with God. Thus, the operational hierarchy of every administrational structure has always been in the service of this singular esoteric need, in the same way that the formality of worship, or hagiography, or temple architecture has served it.

The publications and other activities of the Apostoliki Diakonia are consequently serving this same need: they provide a description (without this description actually exhausting or replacing the fullness of the Church's life) of its caring, philanthropical stance towards mankind, which stems from the victory over death, and Resurrection in Christ.

Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece is the official Ecclesiastical Organization which is regulated under the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece .

The Organization was established in the year 1936 (Law N# 41/1936). Organizational adjustments were made by Revised Laws 2169/1940, 976/1946, 126/1969 (Article 36) and the Regulatory Act 3/1969. According to the Constitutional Chart of the Church of Greece, (N. 590/1977, article 40), " Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece, is subject to be regulated under the Permanent Holy Synod,.The Organization is authorized to perform the programming, organization and the execution of the entire missionary and educational tasks of the Church of Greece .”

In particular, the objects of AD are:

1.  The responsibility for the preparation and training for future preachers, confessors and associates of the ecclesiastical work.

2.  To maintain and ensure the systematic study and the general supervision of the future catechists of the Church, the complete training for the sufficient compilation of its executives and the concrete support the youth.

3.  The strengthening by all appropriate means for the orthodox morale of the Greek people, to inform the foreign visited Greece , and provide support to the local Orthodox bodies for the development of the Orthodox mission.

4.  The caring for the education of the social workers of the Church and to strengthen its social projects.

5.  The caring for any kind of publications of the Church.

6.  The preparation of church programs and publications for the media, as well as the production of educational audiovisual materials.

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