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All should pray in the
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Our Venerable Father Symeon
Archbishop of Thessaloniki

That all Christians: clergy, monastics and laity, should pray in the name of Jesus Christ

This Name of Jesus as a prayer should be said always by all the faithful with the mind and with the tongue. When standing or walking or sitting or reclining, always say it; forcing yourself to it. He will find great calm and joy in it, as has been the experience of all who occupy themselves with the prayer. Since this work is above all others in our life, the monks who find themselves in the midst of noise must concern themselves at least some time with this highest work.

And generally, we all should have as a pattern of prayer this prayer which is active and works with power in all - whether they be clergy or monastics or laity.

And particularly monastics, who have undertaken this work of prayer, have especially need of this prayer even if they happen to find themselves in noisy ministries. Therefore let us always hurry to this active prayer and pray to the Lord without ceasing. Never mind that there be wandering thoughts and confusion in the mind; and let us not be careless because the enemy attacks and for a moment overcomes us. Let us return immediately to the prayer, and indeed return with joy!

Let the ordained be diligent in this apostolic work and consider it equal to divine preaching or other divine assistance and perform it with love and fear in the sight of God.

Those found in the world should have the Prayer of Christ as a seal and as a sign of faith, as a protection and sanctification. And by the power which they receive from this prayer let them overcome every temptation.

Let all of us, ordained and monastics and laity, unite ourselves with Christ in our hearts as soon as we wake from sleep, let us remember Christ! And that will be the start of every good idea and suitable sacrifice through our Christ. For certainly we must always think of Christ Who saved us and loved us. Through this we are Christians and are named as such. We have put Him on in divine Baptism and been sealed with the Holy Myron and received His Holy Flesh and Blood. And further we are members of Him. His Temple! We have put Him on and He has dwelt in us!

For this it behooves us to continually love Him, and remember Him.

Let each of us have a time according to his ability and let him dedicate to the Prayer as is due.

We have spoken enough on this theme and whoever desires more will certainly find it. 


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