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The Division of the Outreach Mission of “ Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece ” was established in October 1967 through a Decision of the Holy Synod. It is the official instrument of the Church and its goal is to coordinate all efforts aiming at strengthening the Outreach Mission.

In the realm of Orthodoxy, the faithful who wish to work in a missionary capacity come directly under the jurisdiction of the Bishop in the area where they are destined to work. Scheduling and promoting the work for the area falls to the area's Bishop. Thus, the Church of Greece, through its Office of the Outreach Mission tries to allocate, on the basis of objective criteria, the help being offered towards strengthening and developing the outreach mission. The Office itself does not conduct any missionary work but it does stand by the missionary efforts being exerted by the holy Metropolises in Africa and Asia.

Overall, the Office of the Outreach Mission's role is an executive, coordinating, and substantive one in continuing the support efforts directed at missionary work.

From the very day of its establishment to the present, the Office of the Outreach Mission of Apostoliki Diakonia moves within specific sectors tending to the following:

  • The salaries of the indigenous Clergy
  • The monthly recompense of members of the clergy and secular staff who hail from Greece and work as missionaries in Africa and Asia .
  • Erecting and equipping Churches and Mission facilities. Supplying the items essential to missionary work.
  • Ensuring that the Divine Liturgies are translated into local languages.
  • Preparing catechetical aids in English.
  • Operating educational units .
  • Training personnel and collaborators for their work at various Mission levels.
  • Operating in-patient care units.
  • Searching for individuals who will serve the Mission.
  • Spreading the spirit of the Mission .

Staff: Evang. Zourdoumis (tel. +30 210 7272316), Evang. Marinopoulos (tel. +30 210 7272315).
Email: ierapostoli@apostoliki-diakonia.gr

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