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The Seminary commenced in 1994. Every year , its operation is the responsibility of the Office of the Outreach Mission of Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece . Meetings are open to all who are interested in attending and no prerequisites or restrictions are imposed. The Seminary takes place once a fortnight, always on a Saturday, at 18:00 hours, in the Press Hall of the Holy Synod, on Iasiou 1 Street, Athens .

The Seminary ' s basic goals:

  • The systematic analysis of the elements and data of the contemporary Mission .
  • Evaluating the ways of attaining evangelism in tandem with the shape social structures have in third-world countries.
  • The intricacies which will determine the future of our missionary presence at an international level.
  • The opportunity to probe , with our tradition as our axis , into our presence and testimony at places which transcend our country's boundaries.
  • The effort to cultivate a missionary morale and ethos.
  • Understanding personal and collective responsibility so that the Word of the Church may be incarnated throughout the peoples of the earth.
  • Being on the alert to spread Christ's testimony in places where His name has never been heard before.

Lectures entail the following thematic segments:

  • The Mission : Contemporary reality
  • The Mission : Canonical Law
  • Third-World Sociology
  • The Mission: Theology
  • The Mission : Historical Data
  • The Mission : Hagiology
  • Fundamental of Tropical Nosology
  • African and Asian Ethnology
  • The Mission : Practice and Methodology
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