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“ Panda ta Ethni ” Magazine

The Office publishes “ Panda ta Ethni ” [ All Nations ], a trimonthly Mission Magazine sent to subscribers and donors in Greece and abroad. The magazine first circulated in December 1981. Its founder was former General Director of Apostoliki Diakonia and present Archbishop of Tirana and All Albania, His Beatitude Anastasios. The editing and coordination tasks of the publication fall under the care of the Office of the Outreach Mission. The magazine :

  • responsibly disseminates information on the missionary work carried out by the Orthodox Church today .
  • describes the environment within which the Mission carries out its work.
  • stresses the need for substantive missionary testimony throughout the world.

τονίζει την αναγκαιότητα για μια ουσιαστική ιεραποστολική μαρτυρία σ' όλο τον κόσμο

Those wishing to subscribe may send a postal order for the subscription ' s annual fee ( €5.00). The subscription fee is nominal: it does not aim at covering the cost of the publication but at responsibly shaping a missionary moral sense.

Publisher – Director: His Eminence Bishop of Fanarion Agathaggelos, General Director of Apostoliki Diakonia.

Contents Supervisor: The Very Reverend Archimandrite, Father Alexios Psoenos, Director of Apostoliki Diakonia Services.

Epistles – Checks: “Panda ta Ethni” Magazine, Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece, 14 Ioannou Gennadiou Street, GR-11521 Athens.

Information on the Magazine:
e-mail : ierapostoli@apostoliki-diakonia.gr

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