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Outreach Mission Week

Since 1968, following a decision by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, during the 2nd week of Fasting, Apostoliki Diakonia has been organizing the Outreach Mission Week .

The “Week” begins on the Sunday of Orthodoxy when the triumph of true faith is being celebrated. The goal of that week is to stress the need for the work the Orthodox Outreach Mission carries out; give a presentation of the offer extended by the Church of Greece with regard to evangelizing the nations; and gather the means indispensable in continuing this effort.

In order to succeed in its goal, every year, the Office of the Outreach Mission prepares symbolic printed matter which it duly dispatched to all of the country's Metropolises so that events of a missionary interest may be organized.

On the Sunday of Orthodoxy, the faithful in all of the country's churches are called upon to contribute to the orthodox mission. The collection plate's ensuing product constitutes the basic revenue going towards covering many of the needs the missionary endeavor of our Church has. Adhering and utterly devoted to the prompting of Christ “ Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations ...,” our Church ensures that the message of the Gospel is heralded to the ends of the world.

The development of the mission's work is irrevocably linked to the extemporaneous expression of our brotherly feelings towards our neophyte brothers in Orthodoxy. Furthermore, we need to have faith in that “ we are the fellow workers of the Lord” in the work of the mission, a task that necessitates much prayer for, honest contribution to, and willing support of those who exert themselves and toil. We “ may plant and water. It is the Lord who increases .”

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